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parents, teachers and students together


School Office Number

(503) 916-5666

César Chávez School

5103 N. Willis Blvd. Portland, OR 97203

8:00am - 2:30 pm

Monday to Friday


School Office Number

(503) 916-5666

César Chávez School

5103 N. Willis Blvd. Portland, OR 97203

8:00am - 2:30 pm

Monday to Friday

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Detailed Survey Results

Surveys returned in English: 52


Activities would you like to participate:

Math: 11

Art: 20

Chess: 6

Debate: 1

4H: 4

Dance: 11

Computers: 18

Gardening: 10

Theater: 9

Music: 24

Sports: 19 “soccer” “soccer” “kickball” “soccer” “baseball” “basketball”

Other: “Soccer” “volunteering during school hours” “basketball – organized” “baseball – organized” “basketball, kickball” “musical theater, girl scouts”


Field trip:

OMSI: 30

Portland Art Museum: 14

Nature walks: 15

Theater: 15

Symphony: 12

Zoo: 21

The Ocean: 26

Mountains: 14

Capitol: 10

Sporting Events: 8  i.e: “Blazers” “Timbers” “basketball” “timbers/blazers” “Thorn’s games!”

Other: “ice skating” “more outdoors!” “Timbers game”


What do other schools have that you wish we had here?:


“A fence”

“Technology, fundraisers”

“Fence, playground under cover, field trips”

“Fundraising, covered outdoor play area”


“A functioning PTA that fundraises money”

“Covered play area”

“Music class”

“$, Restorative Justice specialist, more arts/music”

“More frequent parent/teacher meetings and alternate learning sources (i.e. apps)”

“After school in house daycare”

“More awareness that protect all children from harm”

“Stronger parent organization”

“Better organized school events”

“PTA and robust fundraising”


“PTA! More parent involvement!”

“More involved PTA/parents, more action by PTA”

“Music class”

“More awareness in students behaviors”

“Covered play area”

“FT Music, Library teacher”

“PTA, Battle of the Books!”

“A parent representative from each classroom. Job duties: Volunteer coordination within the classroom, communicate with parents in class re: needs of teacher, class, attend parent meetings and/or distribute info to parents in the classroom. Purpose: support teachers build community in the classroom”

“Covered area for outside recess in bad weather”

“A covered playground, mentors in older grades, like a 5th grade 1st grade partnership”

“Better outdoor play area”


What do you worry about when you drop your kids off at Chavez?

“Safety both physical and emotional, while I know most of the staff is fantastic, I have seen multiple episodes of adults shaming children in order to correct their behavior”

“Not having a fence on the playground”

“If they have enough time to eat”

“I don’t”

“If she is drinking enough water”



“Safety, a challenging curriculum to fight boredom”

“Him being bullied at lunch”



“ICE raids, bullying/cliques, poor communication from school”

“His safety, physically, emotionally”

“Security/safety the classes are large and he’s hard to keep track of”

“Separation from middle school kids”

“Weapons from other students”


“That our students of color won’t receive the same opportunities in life as my kids”


“Their safety”


“Safety drop off zone”

“Nothing. I love our school and community”

“Lack of the arts, science”

“They don’t want to be there”

“That she is where she’s supposed to be – in class/on time”

“I think the front door should be locked. Feels unsafe in that way”

“Weapons from other students”

“No consequences for kids that cause problems”

“Enough instructional learning time, no recess when cold and or rainy”

“The impact of government administration on our community”

“Better classroom supports and behavior management”



In what ways do you feel lucky to have the opportunity to send your kids to Chavez?

“Our diverse community”

“Spanish Immersion Program”

“All of them!”


“Diversity, BRAVO, Spanish immersion, sensible people”

“Spanish immersion program”

“Diverse community – no uppity people”

“Great teachers and curriculum”

“Spanish immersion, community”

“It’s close to home!”

“The care, support from their teachers”

“My Latinx child has the chance to be surrounded by other kids of color, dual language, fantastic teachers”

“Open community”

“I’ve heard great things about the diversity (cultural)”

“Special ed support”

“Not lucky but glad care staff provides”

“Amazing staff and families”

“The diversity of families here is such a strength”

“Great staff and diverse population”

“Diverse community”

“They are in the immersion program”

“The care/support from their teachers”


“We love our school and community”

“Diversity dedicated staff”

“There is loving staff there”

“The community is awesome”

“Not lucky glad my kids enjoy the school”

“Diversity, spanish immersion”


“Diverse staff, great teachers”

“Great teachers, small community”

“Amazing community of people, families, outstanding and dedicated staff”

“Dedicated staff, supportive community”

“Wonderful staff, diversity, Spanish language”

“1. Dual immersion 2. Strength in diversity 3. Bravo!”

“We love having our kid there”


Who do we need to acknowledge more for contributing to our community?

“Janitorial staff, office staff, teachers!”

“Acknowledge and support our teachers more”

“Manny, Ms. Avila, Ms Roletto”

“Parents who volunteer time – thanks!”

“Miss Maria (SUN)”

“Working parents that aren’t able to volunteer in visible ways”

“If need be”

“Our students because they try very hard”

“Equity, equal representation of all families”


“The teachers”


“Miss Maria (SUN)”

“All students for their hard work”

“Matt (Mrs. Quiros does a great ob of that!)”

“Parent group volunteers, principal and vice principal, Maria, SUN school counselors”

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